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Contact:  Chuck Abrahamson 5228 Selmore Rd Ozark, MO 65721
(417) 773-1092  E-mail
Chuck Says:   "We believe that quality must come first in
all that we do.  It is because of the quality put forth in our
smokers and grills that we are able to offer a 100%
warranty on all welds for the life of your purchase on any
item we manufacture."
All of our smokers have slide-out
shelves that not only keep your face and
eyes away from the smoke and heat;
but, are removable for easy cleaning.
Notice this particular model of our
Smoker and Grill also comes with a
propane cooking attachment for fish,
soups, chili or maybe frying a great
All of our grills also have removable
shelves.  Not only are they adjustable
for different levels of heat, they are
made to dismantle and fit within the
grill when the lid is closed for
                ABOUT US
It is interesting how so many of us seem to look back to our humble beginnings with the fondest
of memories.  In Chuck's case his family roots began in a little town called Tokio, North Dakota
which is near the Fort Totten Sioux Indian Reservation.  Tokio is one of those small rural towns
that seemed to just disappear from existence except for the memories of a past generation. As the
younger children left for future opportunities many things changed for the town of Tokio.  First
the school house closed, then the grocery store which was the only place left in town that sold
gasoline, and finally the United States government closed the post office.  Today there are only a
few abandoned buildings that remain along the dirt roads of what used to be Tokio, North Dakota.  
In those days there were no televisions.  Most evenings were spent around the country kitchen
table playing games or just continuing conversation after a great meal that always seemed to
include meat and potatoes.  It was during those times, after a hard day of doing chores, that you
would hear your father and grandfather talk about some farm problem or possibly you would hear
your mother and grandmother tell the girls how to prepare a particular meal.  It was during those
times that I discovered how to prepare one of my favorite foods; "BARBECUE." If ever I was asked
what I wanted to eat, it was always barbecue.   Right or wrong, Dad didn't believe men belonged in
the kitchen for any reason other than to eat and/or visit with guests.  He did however, instill a
strong work ethic and taught me how to build many things with the use of your imagination, your
hands and a few good tools.  I believe I was approximately at the age of six or seven when I built
my first smoker and did it ever smoke.  It didn't take me long to realize that making it out of wood
was a mistake.   Later in life Uncle Sam called upon Chuck to serve his time in the military and he
never returned to the town of his youth.  However, the lessons he was taught in his younger days
are still with him today.  Although Chuck's journey in life found him working thirty plus years for a
major railroad which operates in thirty eight states within the good old USA, you will now find him
working in his shop in the small town of Ozark, Missouri.  Again, back to the basics you will find
Chuck and his employees utilizing a little imagination, their strong hands, and some new tools, as
they build quality barbecue smokers and grills for both commercial and home use.  We also
manufacture portable smokers and grills called "Tailgaters" that can be hauled to your favorite
ball park or picnic area behind your car or s.u.v., as they are made to connect to the receiver of
your trailer hitch.  There are also other items such as large cookers for "German Kettle Corn" -  
"Pork Rinds" and/or "Funnel Cakes."  
When it comes to "Kettle Corn
", no one beats our
quality - safety - or price.  For
a mere $5,500 investment you
can have a business of your
own that has the potential of a
return on your investment in
just one weekend show.  Call
or e-mail us at the address
I have sampled and cooked almost all of the pork rind products processed by various companies
throughout this country.  Consequently, many people have asked me where is a good place to
buy what I think are the
"Best Quality Pork Rinds In America."  I have to say that Triland Foods
(located in Sergeant Bluff, IA.), provide me with the best product I have ever eaten, cooked or
sold.  The positive feedback I continue to receive from my customers is a testimony to that fact.  
Joe Rieger has built a strong business with customers around the world and he is proud of the
employees that have supported him throughout the years.  I suggest that you contact Christa
Rehling or Jean Warren at                             
        to order a product that will enhance your retail
sales.  Christa & Jean both wear a warm smile and are always pleased to work with you.
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Contact: Chuck Abrahamson
Branson Quality Smoker & Grill
5228 Selmore Rd
Ozark, Missouri 65721
Telephone:  (417) 773-1092
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If you are interested in starting your own catering business we also build quality trailers to
provide you with a complete business on wheels.  Pictures of these and other items will
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