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Chuck says:  Here are
some pictures of the grill
currently featured on our
home page.
The frame of the above trailer is made of five inch channel, 3" X 2"
angle iron for the cross bracing, and #10 gauge tread plate for the
decking.  The brake and clearance lites are recessed for complete
protection.  The bed of the trailer measures ten feet by six feet nine and
one-half inches.   The smoker is made of 3/8 inch plate steel that is
rolled and the fire box is made of 1/4 inch steel plate and measures two
feet square.  Not only is the smoker designed to last a lifetime; but,
once you have set the dampers on the fire box and the chimney, it will
maintain the same temperature for hours.   The grill is made out of 1/8
inch tread plate to withstand high heat grilling temperatures.  The
cooking racks are made out of 1 inch square tubing and rolled
expanded metal for a strong but smooth cooking surface.  Again, we
guarantee all of our welds for the lifetime of your purchase on any
smoker and/or grill manufactured by Branson Quality Smoker & Grill.  
The above unit has a total weight of approximately 2,570 lbs., and is
carried on two 3,500 lb. axles which provide a gross weight capacity far
in excess of what is required even when the up front wood box is fully
loaded with your favorite wood and charcoal.  We have featured the
above unit as it is currently on special for the low price of just $6,950.  
Contact us during this special at
info@BBQSmokerGrille@Yahoo.com or
by telephone at (417) 773-1092.  We look forward to hearing from you.     

           "We can build a quality Smoker and Grill to fit your needs."

The above are just a few pictures of a Great Smoker and Charcoal Grill that was
recently made to order for a friend in the catering business.  You will note that the
smoker has six removable shelves and approximately ninety (90) square feet of
cooking space.  The grille has approximately 25 square feet of cooking space (with
adjustable shelves), on a double axle trailer with a double propane cooker and a
compartment to carry wood.  This is the ultimate catering machine for large
gatherings.  And,  as steel prices are continuing to rise, just $
12,500 provides a
great opportunity for those who are serious about expanding their BBQ business.
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