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Chuck Says:   It is recipe time and if you want the
world’s tastiest ribs, brisket, or chicken to ever come
out of Ozark Mountain Country then you need to put
the ingredients together yourself and make some
“Ozark Mountain Country Rub.”   
  The following is Chuck’s personal recipe.  However, if you want ribs so tender that they are
ready to come off the bone and a brisket that is so moist that the juices can run down your chin,
you must pay particular attention to Chuck’s cooking instructions following the recipe listing.

3 Cups Non-Iodized Table Salt
3 Cups regular White Sugar
1½ Cups of Brown Sugar
½ Cup Ground Cumin
1 Cup Chili Powder
¼ Cup Onion Powder
¼ Cup Garlic Powder
¼ Cup Morton “Tender Quick” Home Meat Cure
¼ Cup Black Pepper
¼ Cup Cayenne Pepper

Mix the above ingredients thoroughly.

  It is wiser to share the above recipe with family and friends than to pay for all the ribs, brisket,
and chicken they will want to eat – AT YOUR HOUSE!!!

  Prior to applying Chuck’s “Ozark Mountain Country Rub,” you must first  properly prepare your
meat. The membrane on the inner (Stomach) side of the rib rack must be removed.  This will
allow the flavor of the rub and smoke from the cooker to properly permeate your meat.  Also all
excess fat should be removed from the rib rack prior to applying the barbecue rub. Should you
desire to spice up your ribs you can add ¼ Cup Durkee Six Pepper Blend to the above recipe
(Optional only if you want more bite to your ribs).  Although adding the Six Pepper Blend changes
Chuck’s original Ozark Mountain Country Rub,  both recipes are very good.  The Durkee Six
Pepper Blend can be purchased at any Sam’s Club or possibly Wal-Mart stores.  A common
mistake made when using a good rub is applying the rub too heavy.  Allow your ribs to reach
approximate room temperature and then sprinkle or lightly dust the meat on both sides with the
rub and then let your ribs set for two (2) hours prior to cooking,  Once your meat is prepared for
cooking it is time to start your smoker.  Although I use very large smokers, any size smoker will
do the same job.  I like to use primarily Charcoal and once the coals are hot I like to add a
couple  logs (large chunks), of Mesquite, Hickory, or Oak to the coals.  It is not necessary to soak
the wood prior to cooking and don’t be alarmed if you think that you are not seeing enough
smoke.  Believe me even if the eye does not see smoke, it is there and it will permeate your
meat.  If you use a water pan in your smoker it should be filled with water only and will keep your
meat moist. Your smoker should be set approximately 225/250 and after the first three (3) hours
of cooking they should be turned and cooked for another hour (1) hour if the temperature rises
between 250/275.  Check your ribs at this time as they may need another hour (1) of cooking time
if the temperature remains around 225 degrees.  If you do not have a water pan in your smoker, a
method that will also give you very tender and moist ribs and/or brisket is to wrap your ribs in
aluminum foil after the first three(3) hours of cooking and place them back in the smoker for the
remainder of the cooking time.  
Be very careful when using aluminum foil as when you open your
meat at the completion of cooking time, a large amount of steam can be present and it is
possible to receive a sever burn
.  Utilize the exact same method of cooking if you are smoking
whole chickens and be sure the internal temperature of your poultry reaches 180 degrees.  When
smoking a brisket, be sure that all of the fat is trimmed with no amount of fat exceeding
approximately 1/8 inch thick.  Chuck always cooks ribs and brisket at the same time; however,
after three (3) hours of cooking time the brisket is removed and wrapped tightly in aluminum foil
and then placed back in the smoker for another three (3) to four (4) hours.  For savory and tender
brisket it is very important to allow the brisket to set for thirty (30) minutes or so before removing
the foil as the juices will be pulled back into the brisket like a sponge as the brisket begins to
cool.  After thirty (30) minutes the brisket will still be warm and it should be sliced across the
grain of the meat.  

  Be very careful as the smoke smell draws people from far distances and should they have the
opportunity to taste your savory masterpiece, they may never leave.
Contact: Chuck Abrahamson
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Chuck Says:  Enjoy!!!

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